Newsletter of the Cuban Heritage Collection of the University of Miami Libraries, March 2012

CHC Graduate Fellows Colloquium on Thursday, March 15th

Join us as 2011 CHC Graduate Fellow, Jennifer Lambe, presents and discusses her work, "Manicomio modelo or Antro infernal?: Mazorra, Machado, and the Problem of Proof (1925-1933)." Lambe is a PhD candidate in History at Yale University and is a recipient of CHC Graduate Fellowships in the Research category.

Her presentation will be held on Thursday, March 15th at 11:30 a.m. in the the Elena Díaz-Versón Amos Conference Room at the Roberto C. Goizueta Pavilion Otto G. Richter Library, 2nd Floor.

The 2011 CHC Graduate Fellowships are generously funded by The Goizueta Foundation. Learn more »

Please RSVP to or 305-284-4900.

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Viewbooks featuring images from Cuba available now online

Columbus Temple Viewbooks are published booklets or souvenir albums primarily consisting of views of particular places, events, and activities. They most often include photographs, photomechanical prints, or postcards. This collection consists primarily of viewbooks of Cuba published on the island or in the United States from the 1850s to the 2000s.

Selected viewbooks from the end of the 19th century and first half of the 20th century have been digitized, and newly scanned titles are continually added. Catalog records for the full collection are available online. The viewbooks are held in the Cuban Heritage Collection, 2nd Floor, Otto G. Richter Library.

Visit the online collection here »

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Newly Redesigned: UM Libraries Digital Collections website

The UM Libraries Digital Collections has launched its newly redesigned website. The site features a fresh new layout, enhanced image viewers, more ways to browse the collections, and the ability to share your favorite images on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

The site contains over 70 collections and 50,000 items, including photographs, correspondence, manuscripts, sheet music, interviews, books, and periodicals. Visitors interested in Cuban materials can browse through the CHC Digital Collections, which include dozens of personal papers and ongoing projects such as the Luis J. Botifoll Oral History Project.

Visit the UM Libraries Digital Collections website »

Browse through the CHC Digital Collections »

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Scholar Spotlight: Michael Bustamante

Michael Bustamante is a Ph.D. candidate in History at Yale University and was in residence at the Cuban Heritage Collection for one month in 2011 as a Pre-Prospectus Fellow. His research is entitled "Cuban Counterpoints: Memory Struggles in Revolution, Exile, and Diaspora."

Michael's dissertation focusses on collective/historical memory as a central site of political and cultural struggle in the aftermath of the Cuban Revolution. Conducting research both in the United States and Cuba, Michael will analyze the ways in which individuals' memories on and off the island are shaped, represented, challenged, mediated, and/or "collectivized" through media, political discourse, public spectacle, and the arts.

Although Michael had previously conducted research at the CHC in 2009, he spent time during this visit sifting through the Luis Santeiro Papers looking more specifically at the materials related to the bilingual television sitcom ¿Qué Pasa, U.S.A.?, and was even able to contact Mr. Santeiro directly over the phone with the help of CHC Chair, Esperanza B. de Varona. In addition, Michael dedicated the rest of his time to the Bernardo Benes Papers, which provided an initial look into cultural dynamics in Miami post-Revolution.

"Overall, my experience at the CHC this summer was enormously valuable," Michael notes. "Not surprisingly, I was only able to scratch the surface of the broader set of collections I hope to review in the future." After his visit, Michael returned to Yale University to continue working on his dissertation while making plans to return to CHC.

Learn more about Michael Bustamante's research »

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